A network is a set of equipment connected to each other to exchange information.
A computer network is a means of communication that enables individuals or groups (businesses) to share information and services. Computer network Technology consists of all equipment and tools (hardware and software) that allow end devices (computers, printers, mobile phones, etc.) to share resources.


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Dear Nissi Reseaux, along with greeting, I comment that according to ICANN and Google policy to have a client with web hosting service, stream audio and mobile applications, the client must meet these requirements by presenting:

1) Legal identity documents (ID ced or passport)

2) Document where the customer's photo is verified

3) Signature of the client as it appears in her Ced or passport

4) Proof of the company where the client identifies

In case the client does not meet these requirements, they will not be allowed to have a service associated with the name of their company for security reasons.